“THERE’S an award-winning blog in Melbourne that does an impressive job of keeping everyone up to speed on just about every opening in the city, from food truck to grand diner.

The blog has a Twitter account where you can get a running feed on all sorts of stuff to do with food and beverage culture in the city on the Yarra.

The team behind the brand – for that is what it is, a brand – are social media masters. I dips me lid. They have presences on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram as well.”

– John Lethlean, National restaurant reviewer for The Australian and The Weekend Australian Magazine.

Welcome, and thanks for visiting Sharking for Chips and Drinks. We are a food and travel writer-photographer team, originally from London, now based in Melbourne.

We both have day jobs, but when we aren’t committed to the 9 till 5 grind we regularly contribute to a number of food and travel publications and websites in Australia and overseas, including:

Beer and Brewer magazine and The Ultimate Beer Guide
Melbourne Coffee Review handbook, website and iPhone app
Food and Drink guides covering London, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire
Elite Traveler magazine (US and Asia market luxury travel)
Gap Daemon website (international backpacker travel)

Currently we have a number of commissions in the pipeline. We have been featured in The Age’s Epicure supplement several times, most notably within a cover story focusing on Melbourne’s lunchtime dining scene. See for yourself here. After a very successful 2012, we started this year on a high when it was announced we had won the Expedia Blogger of the Year Competition – this means we have even more exciting adventures coming up in the next few months.

While we are currently living in Melbourne, we regularly return to our beloved London and have a very global view – this year will see us head to Italy, Japan and Korea in search of gourmet gems.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, either here on the site or via Twitter @shark4chipdrink

You can also see what’s floating our boat at the moment with Facebook, Pinterest at shark4chipdrink or Instagram at shark4chipdrink

Thanks again for taking the time to read, love Sharky

18 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there – love the look of your blog!

    Thought you may be keen to check out the new cocktail bar that has opened within The Millswyn called Bar 132. Born out of the love of the hidden (and also named after the space left between the address 131-133 Domain Road, South Yarra) it’s mixing up some amazing, unique and delicious cocktails.
    You might also be keen to visit The Millswyn itself that has been recently transformed from its predecessor Lynches and serving neo-French cuisine by chef Nathan Johnson.
    love to get your thoughts.

    • Hi there

      Thanks so much for getting in touch – the Millswyn is somewhere I had been intending to visit for some time, but the addition of the bar gives me all the more reason! Love the pictures on the website – reminds me of a place I used to go to in London. Really nice to find an intimate bar that serves good cocktails (especially now Der Raum is going to be a private members bar).

  2. Good Afternoon,

    I am an website editor from YOYBUY.COM and we recently started to write about Olympic games from the Chinese point of view (we are an Chinese ecommerce website with a lot of visitors interested in China – so we established this blog with stories and articles).

    I recently came across http://sharkingforchipsanddrinks.com and saw that there are some articles about the Summer Olympics 2012. I was wondering: do you accept guest posts on this topic? I would like to write about Chinese athlete stars in London Olympics 2012, so it would be a perfect fit for your blog and I would get a chance to introduce our article series first article here: http://www.yoybuy.com/en/blogdetail.html?id=60032).

    I have prepared a topic and I would like to offer to you: “Liu Xiang will keep on Fighting for Rio Olympics 2016 after the accidents in 2008 and 2012”, if you have any other recommendation, please let me know, i am pleased to write about it.

    All the Best!

  3. Hi, Just wanted to tell you a little more about the ‘Mr&Mrs Howell wine makers dinner’

    It is on Tuesday the 15th October
    5 Courses designed by Mark Brozic matched with
    6 wines from wine makers Ben Haines (Ben Haines Wines) and Will Byron (Onannon)
    110p/p bookings essential
    173 Sydney Rd Brunswick 03 9381 0846

    We hope that you and your friends are able to make it!
    Cheers Mark and Kate

  4. Hi there,
    I would love to invite you the relaunch event of St Kilda’s 29th Apartment on Fitzroy Street. Is there a particular email address I can send the invitation too?

    It will be worth the visit just for 29th’s signature cocktail “Citron my face”

    Hope to see the Sharky’s there 🙂

  5. Hi there,

    My name is Joel Smith and I am the social media community coordinator for The Salvation Army.

    We have an upcoming Christmas campaign coming up where we are asking the public to donate 10,000 meals in 10 days to those who need it most this Christmas.

    As a food blogger, we would love for you to be a part of this by blogging about a food experience which we will set up at one of our city centres in the lead up to the campaign.

    If you would be interested in doing the most rewarding food review you have ever done, please get in touch and we will provide you with more details.

    Thanks so much,

  6. Hi guys, love the blog.
    We are a new venture out in Frankston, We go by the name HUMDINGER and are hoping to bring a bit of the beer and burger scene from the city to Bayside. We’d love to have you down for a feed and a beer or two. We’ve been well received so far (http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/346/1788964/restaurant/Victoria/Humdinger-Frankston) and a keen to keep spreading the good word.
    I’ve emailed you some details at the crilly email add’ I saw in an earlier post.
    For now feel free to catch us on Facebook/humdingerbar.
    cheers guys and keep up the awesome work.

  7. I’m taking a look around. Thanks for following me on twitter. I love street food and for a few brief floating months owned my own operation with my husband until he decided it was not for him – It is something that stays with me though. What’s the street food like in Melbourne?

    • Hey Jan

      Good question. Street food in Melbourne is quite tame at the moment. The street food trucks are a dime a dozen but aren’t doing anything of note that I would chase them for. My favourite street food is found in Little Saigon in Footscray or going on the prowl with Kam McManamey who is the head chef at BangPop and doing some amazing refined street food.

      Melbourne area fickle bunch so they are heading toward a much more casual dining style but at the moment street food is a little ‘too casual’ for them. Best street food I have had is when I did a month each in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos – my god go if you haven’e already!


  8. Hi Sharky, thanks for replying. I’ve visited Thailand and Malaysia but not Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos. In the UK street food is on the up but there are still naysayers who constantly want to create it into something either grandiose or too controlled. I think our culture is quite cool here. Maybe you can try it out if you fly over this way!

  9. Hi Sharky,

    I’d like to take the opportunity to let you know about our little new restaurant in Oakleigh. We are steering away from traditional Greek food and taverns, and instead offering a selection of gourmet and fine dining options where people least expect.
    Would love to see you here! If you’d like to make a booking, please let me know.

    Have a great day,

    Ella Bar and Tavern
    66 Portman Street
    Oakleigh, 3166

  10. Hi,

    Just wanted to let you know about our newish restaurant / café that we opened in Prahran. It is a sister café to a fairly established Port Melbourne venue. Prahran has great daytime café fare with a few extras.

    We specialise in the REAL American BBQ – from Maple smoked Pork Ribs to 10 hour Hickory smoked and Dry Rubbed Beef Brisket. Our American BBQ menu was around long before the current craze. In addition we have a dedicated Paleo menu, which is extremely rare in Melbourne.

    Our chef is a protege of Iron Chef Sakai. He ran 2 of Chef Sakai’s restaurants in Japan.
    We would love to invite you to try out the café. If interested please let me know if you would like to come for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Invitation is for your and a friend.
    Thanks for your consideration.

    Best regards,

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