Taking a journey on the Darjeeling Express. Making a difference.

Such an inspiring woman serving such great food.

The Food Judge

It’s not often that I meet someone who can out-talk me but Asma Khan is that woman. I’m very glad that she is, however,  because I have come to Soho to interview her, during the temporary residency for her erstwhile supper club, The Darjeeling Express, at The Sun and Thirteen Cantons in Soho.

I’ve eaten at Darjeeling Express on another occasion, when the sound of banging beats from the pub threatened to drown out all conversation. Asma looked at my face. Don’t worry, she said, I’ll sit you at the back. Her concern was genuine and it lasted throughout the meal,  as we were brought plate upon plate of beautifully prepared food, Asma apologising for the (non-existent) delays. It’s the sort of food I could happily live on.

But we got to chatting and she mentioned that she was paid the same as the kitchen staff and that some of…

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