A Guide to Buying and Selling Breweries

I don’t ever reblog anything but this is worth the time to read over.

The most real insight into how craft beer breweries are bought and sold. Well worth a read to see if your favourite brewery is mentioned.

Drunken Speculation

dollar sign glassBreweries have been changing hands a lot the last few years. I expect a lot of people will be struggling to follow it all and maybe not quite understanding the significance of who sells what to whom and how.

As a keen observer of the beer world and also the world of high finance, I’m here to help. In fact, I’d wager a number of you are wondering if you too can get some skin the game.

If so, this is a handy guide explaining the process in easy-to-understand terms so you too can turn your savings into craft equity (it’s the best kind of equity, way better than macro equity).

How does one buy or sell a brewery?

You’ll have to eliminate most of the big boys from your shopping list. Most of them are listed on stock exchanges and have values that run into the tens of billions. I’m thinking for…

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