Back to the Start with Nouveau Potato – Maya Tequila Bar & Grill

Every blogger made the decision to start their blog. What we wanted to know was how they decided what would be their first post – and to reflect on something that has been hidden in their archives ever since. Sharking for Chips & Drinks are running the feature ‘Back to the Start’ over the next few weeks where we will introduce you to bloggers from Melbourne, Australia and much further afield. These are all great bloggers so I suggest you subscribe to their blog and follow them on Twitter.


Nouveau Potato

I hadn’t planned to start a blog.  I had dreamed to write a book.  A book reviewing Melbourne’s restaurants for vegetarians.  Publications like the Age Good Food Guide put a star next to restaurants that have vegetarian options – I wanted reviews that commented on the quality of the food, not just whether it existed.  In the end I chose blogging because it was timely and easier.

My first post was of Maya Tequila Bar and Grill.  There was no particular reason for me to choose here.  I didn’t even take photos!  I just wrote a few comments on the food and wine.  For me blogging has always been more about writing than the photography.

I have loved every minute.  Not only do I get great feedback from my vegetarian readers, but on a personal level blogging forces me to appreciate my food even more, plus I now have a full site diarising all my wonderful eating experiences.

My First Post

  • Maya Tequila Bar & Grill

  • Thursday, July 8, 2010 

74 Toorak Rd

South Yarra, 3141
03 9866 8836
I am skeptical about Mexican restaurants in Melbourne, but Maya’s was surprisingly pleasant.My friend and I had wanted an early dinner near South Yarra station and this was perfect. What better way to catch-up than over a glass of Spanish Tempranillo and some Mexican fare.The wine was Telmo Rodriguez Tempranillo from D.O. Toro Spain. It smelt sweet and dusty with very slight acid, tannins and earthy flavours.To begin, the friendly waiter brought out some corn chips and a salsa of diced tomatoes, red onion and chili with a vinegar dressing.The vegetarian options were limited. The Cilantro Corn had just the right amount of garlic butter – enough to make it moist but not enough to make it too oily. We followed this with fajitas. The toppings were fairly standard with cheese, tomato rice, salsa and sour cream, but the accompanying veggies were char grilled with BBQ flavors seeping through.There is no dessert menu, but they can make some on request – Soppapillas – try saying that ten times fast. Basically they get tortillas, cover them in cinnamon and fry them. They were served in an impressive looking stack with ice-cream, chili, cinnamon and berries. It was a different and refreshing mix of flavours.

The overall experience was casual and relaxing, nice for a mid-week dinner and possibly for cocktails and a snack later on.

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