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It was early 2011 and we had just arrived back from a holiday in Vanuatu. We were desperate for a decent brunch as Vanuatu had completely failed on this front. We were so desperate that we woke up early the next morning after a late flight in and rummaged around on the internet looking for a food blog to entice us. With not much luck on the blog front, Mr LB had heard of a new café just opened in the emerging hit suburb of Kensington, The Premises. It was on our way here that  we had both decided that there wasn’t many food blogs dedicated to brunch and the ones that did cover brunch didn’t hit the money. Then, just as if all the light fixtures of an amazing café went on, we both had the idea that we should start our own food blog. We would create a site dedicated solely to brunch with the vision of providing reviews on real-life service experience. When we finished our meal, we had our first opportunity to talk to the owners. As we left, Miss SL was super excited about this endeavor and quickly went about setting up the blog. In the car ride home we settled on the blog name Brunch Addict. Our points of differentiation was to have a his/her perspective on the meals, something not many other blogs have. was born days later and we haven’t looked back since.

My First Post

Stepping onto The Premises

January 13, 2011

Opening Hours 
Tue – Fri: 7am – 4:30pm
Sat – Sun: 8am – 4pm

Closed Mondays


Coffee: Seven Seeds House Blend, Specialised Coffee Blends

Mr LB:
“I get excited when entering into a cafe with trendy decor and layout which shouts out this is going to be a unique experience.  The Premises is no different.  Situated in the very trendy area of Kensington, The Premises offers an open and calm feeling.


The Premises, Kensington

The menu is small, but it dares to give food goers a chance to taste innovative or unheard of dishes.  I was eying off the Russian Egg Salad on the menu, but having a sweet craving, nothing could stop me having the French Toast with Fresh Strawberries & Vanilla Mascarpone [$13.50]. The meal was plated in a delectable way with sweet taste bursting in your mouth, but not leaving you heavier than when you arrived.


French Toast with Strawberries & Vanilla Mascarpone

The Seven Seed coffee blend always complements a meal well and had left me feeling satisfied.  I snuck a taste of Miss SL’s meal, I was very impressed with the egg salad and the different flavours complement the meal well.  This newly cafe has a lot of boxes ticked to give any breakfast cafe a run for its money and with the aim of having its menu innovative and fresh, is any good reason to keep coming back.”

Miss SL:
“My first impressions of The Premises was a good one – the place looked trendy without being full of pretentious people who think they’re too good for everyone else. The menu was rather limited, but a number of dishes on the menu intrigued me – mainly being the Russian Egg Salad with Dill, Spring Onion, Pickle and Salmon with Sourdough [$15.50]. I must admit I was a little disappointed with the plating of my dish, particularly as Mr LBs dish looked so drewl-worthy. To my pleasant surprise, however, the egg salad was deliciously creamy, and once combined with the other ingredients on my plate created an odd but satisfying combination of flavours in my palate.


Russian Egg Salad with Dill, Spring Onion, Pickle and Salmon with Sourdough

I had a cheeky taste of Mr LBs French Toast, and I early melted in my seat. The vanilla mascarpone was to die for! Would I have the Russian Eggs again sometime? Sure. But not perhaps, before Mr LBs French Toast.”

Final thought: “French toast worth dying for…”

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