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Every blogger made the decision to start their blog. What we wanted to know was how they decided what would be their first post – and to reflect on something that has been hidden in their archives ever since. Sharking for Chips & Drinks are running the feature ‘Back to the Start’ over the next few weeks where we will introduce you to bloggers from Melbourne, Australia and much further afield. These are all great bloggers so I suggest you subscribe to their blog and follow them on Twitter.



Mums on the Go was set up to be a directory of child friendly businesses. Making this information available to Mums was the driving force behind the website. The blog exists quite frankly because my web designer told me I needed one – it was good for SEO and it gave Mums another reason to come back to the site which would be good for building traffic. I had never read a blog before then let alone written one. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to write about week after week after week and I felt very awkward in the beginning. Three years down the track the blog is as important, if not more important, than the directory. I feel I have really found my writing voice, found things I care about sharing and can see how this makes a difference to other women.

This blog was the first post I wrote myself after starting with some guest articles. It was the start of my approach in using my personal experiences to create stories to share that relate back to the core purpose of Mums on the Go – to support and inspire other Mums to look after their own needs even with young kids in tow.

My First Post

Eating Out adventures!

17 May 2010

I have always had a sense of adventure and a desire to explore. When I travel you will often find me heading down a narrow laneway without a map in hand, hoping I will stumble across something remarkable well away from the mass of tourists.

I have noticed that since becoming a mother I explore less. Since having a child predictable experiences and familiar locations have become of great value. We visit the same handful of playgrounds that I know my daughter likes; we walk the same circuit of footpaths near our house because we know where the cat lives, the dog and the old Italian Man who hands out flowers from his garden; and we have babycino’s at the same local cafes because we know what to expect there.

Life with a small child is certainly easier when a level of predictability and routine is involved but I would like to create more sense of exploration in our world.

Last week I decided to embrace exploration when a friend asked to have brunch with us before starting a new job. The launch of our website inspired me to look up a child-friendly café that I had never been to before! It was so easy … go to the directory search box, select Eating Out, Café, Inner West and viola … a selection of new cafes to try out!

I was so excited to be venturing off to a new café in a suburb I wouldn’t normally bother to drive to. My stress was minimised by knowing the café I was heading to was child-friendly.

The morning was a great success! The food was yummy, my daughter enjoyed her kid sized milkshake, I was able to have quite a good chat with my girlfriend whilst my daughter explored the toys in the play area and the staff were most accommodating. We did seem to annoy one elderly gentleman sitting nearby … my daughter took to pushing the tiny kiddie chairs from the play area back and forth between the tables which made a scraping noise. Luckily we had arrived before him so I didn’t feel too bad … and we made a quick exit for a playground once we had finished our food.

I have been inspired now to explore more with my daughter. Knowing we have such a great resource at our finger tips now via our website makes it seem easy and fun … I wonder where we will go this week?

Linda x


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