Soi 38 – A Popup Tour of Thai Noodle Soups

Soi 38 pop up melbourne

I’ve been following the exploits of Andy and his Thai noodle food cart for quite a while. This is a man who has a deep passion for noodles and he wants to share his man-love with you.  To get some idea of how deep this all goes check out Andy’s website Krapow. He has been dishing his food up  – the difference now is he has a Thai cook on board that ensure the flavours are hitting the spot.

Soi 38 pop up melbourne

And what’s this I see? A pop up that isn’t here to fleece your wallet? Virtually unheard of in Melbourne. But a fresh bowl of noodles is only $5. You can’t even get a rubbish side dish in Melbourne for $5. Actually is there anything in Melbourne that you can get for less than a fiver?

Soi 38 pop up melbourne

For a limited 6 week season, Soi 38 are hosting a tour of Thai noodle soups, Andy’s absolute favourite dish while running at Soi 38.  Partnering with friends at Sketch and Tulip (just across from Vic Market) they will be serving some their favourite Thai noodle dishes. Each week will feature a new Thai noodle soup, including everyones favourite Boat noodles!

Soi 38 pop up melbourne

For Soi 38’s warm up event Andy decided the dish he would be serving would be Boat Noodles. A dish from central Thailand, they get their name as they are sold from small boats along the canals and riverbanks. Over the next 6 weeks expect to see these dishes for a fiver and beers for $7.50:

Week 1: Kuay Teow reua Nua Nahm (Beef boat noodles)

Week 2: Kuay Teow Sukhothai Muu Haeng (Dry sukothai pork noodles)

Week 3: Kuay Teow Tom Yum Muu Nahm (Hot and sour pork noodles)

Week 4: Kuay Teow Bamee Bpuu (Dry crab egg noodles)

Week 5: Kuay Teow Bamee Bped Nahm (Braised duck egg noodles)

Week 6: Kuay Terow Tom Yum Muu Haeng (Dry hot and sour pork noodles)

The Deets:

Sketch & Tulip Cafe – 364 Victoria St, North Melbourne (across the road from Vitoria Market)

July 19 – August 23 2013

Fridays from 5pm til sold out.

Soi 38 pop up melbourne

Sketch & Tulip Cafe on Urbanspoon


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