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I’ll tell you something. We like wine. We don’t know heaps about it, but we know the difference between a cabernet sauvignon and a cabernet franc. And, most importantly, we know what we like. We’re never going to splash out on a bottle of Penfolds Grange, but we did buy a decanter the other day.

Like This Love That wine

However, despite frequent winery trips, we sometimes find ourselves stuck in a vinous rut. Don’t get me wrong, weekends spent sipping and slurping our way around Mornington Peninsula and the Yarra Valley are lovely, but we always end up coming home with a boatload of the same old bottles. I imagine we are like a lot of the wine-drinking public out there – we appreciate a decent drop, but are a little bit stuck in our ways.

Like This Love That wine

We knew we had to broaden our horizons when it came to choosing wines to serve at our wedding back in London. Sadly, retailers in the UK don’t seem to stock bottles from our favourite little Victorian wineries. So we had a dilemma on our hands – we knew what we liked, but we needed to find an alternative we would love. And that’s when Claire Burder of The Humbler Tumbler introduced us to Peter Leckie.

Like This Love That wine

Turns out, he is the go-to guy if you are looking to explore wine a little further, push the boundaries and shake things up. Peter’s bespoke bottleshop service Like This Love That sees customers describe their likes – from grape variety to wine region – and then Peter draws up a list of recommendations for you to try. Kind of like a wine prescription service. Yes, we thought that would pique your interest.

Like This Love That wine

Delivering 6- and 12-bottle mixed cases (accompanied by personal tasting notes) to your door, Peter admits the idea sprung from his love of the wine industry and great customer service. Moving to Melbourne from Adelaide eight years ago, he set up his online (and highly informed) bottle shop experience a few years ago and hopes he will introduce people to labels they might never have come across.

Like This Love That wine

From weddings to 60th birthday presents to  everyday-but-downright-adventurous dinner parties, he’s tailor-made a lot of cases. And while online shopping can sometimes feel faceless and cold, Pete prides himself on the personal service he offers – he is a very real presence behind the site and the number of repeat customers speak for themselves. Bottles start at around $16-17, so it seems you can experiment without breaking the bank.
Like This Love That wine

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5 thoughts on “Your own personal sommelier: Like This Love That

  1. I may have just fallen in love!! What a brilliant concept! Ill be giving it a go. Curious if its just Australian wines or international as well.

  2. Hi Michelle, I do wines from all over the globe. Trying international styles not only expands your wine geographies, it helps widen the enjoyment of domestic styles that may have been missed in the past! Glad you like the concept, Peter

  3. As a regular LTLT customer I can vouch for the brilliance of this service. The wines are always wonderful, adventurous and, most importantly, delicious. LTLT even did all the wine for our wedding, which was a mix of Aussie and European labels, to represent the fact that I was an Aussie girl marrying a European man.

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