The Convenient Kitchen – Home meals are cool again

The Convenient Kitchen, Melbourne

We are not lazy people, well no more than the average city-dwelling 30-something. So we weren’t sure we needed a service like The Convenient Kitchen. The deal is – you place your order for a bag of groceries to be delivered to your door. Bags can feed two, three or four people and can contain ingredients and recipes for 3 or 5 recipes. Are you still with us?

If you are not home (deliveries take place on Mondays before 7pm) you can leave out an esky and the team will drop your stuff in there. You can sign up for a regular weekly or fortnightly delivery, or you can just order as and when you feel.

The Convenient Kitchen, Melbourne

Similar ventures have been going for years here and all over the world, but Heike and the team’s emphasis on quality, local produce really impressed us, and so when our brown bag of goodies arrived one Monday afternoon we were excited to see what was inside.

The Convenient Kitchen, Melbourne

Our three recipes were:

Ling fish cakes with Asian salad and basmati rice
Pepper steak with Brussel sprouts and baby carrots tossed in butter Tamari (soy) and honey drumsticks with apple coleslaw

And the bag contained the ingredients for all of these – in your pantry you need to have rice, olive and rice bran oil (or an oil suitable for shallow frying), soy sauce, fish sauce, curry powder, butter, one egg and honey. It’s pretty likely even the most sporadic cook is going to have most of these in already, right?

The Convenient Kitchen, Melbourne

Optional extras include sweet chilli sauce and flaked almonds, but we didn’t end up buying these in and didn’t feel the meals where lacking as a result.

Recipes come with a difficulty rating (nothing over medium in our selection and there really wasn’t anything any beginner cook couldn’t tackle) and a preparation and cooking time – good to know if you get home from work and are starving.

The verdict? It is really convenient. We are both pretty motivated home cooks, and don’t treat preparing an evening meal after a day’s work as a chore. But it is easy to fall into bad habits and grab something out or pick up ingredients for something bog-standard and not all that healthy.

The Convenient Kitchen, Melbourne

One of the things I really liked was that – as only enough ingredients for each recipe are delivered – there is no surplus. This is good for two reasons – first of all we didn’t have that guilty moment where we bin a load of rotting veg at the end of the week adding to Australia’s already substantial waste food mountain.

And, second of all, it was good for us – we always struggle with portion control. We buy huge quantities (or the supermarket sells us huge quantities) we make too much and then, rather predictably, we eat too much.

After all these meals we felt full, but not uncomfortable. And we definitely got more fresh veggies into our diet than we might on a normal night in.

The Convenient Kitchen, Melbourne

And the cost? $89 for three recipes for two people, this goes down to $79 if you are getting regular deliveries. That included two great steaks from a local butcher, free-range chicken drumsticks and fresh ling. Plus top quality veg. It’s a little more than you might pay at the supermarket, but insanely better.

Will we be calling on The Convenient Kitchen again? Absolutely. Especially during these cold, dark winter nights, when it’s nice to have someone do the hard work for you meaning you can simply cook and eat.

The Convenient Kitchen

(03) 9822 2877

TCK $25 off link


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