Our Man in London: Meatlover at Filthy MacNasty’s Whiskey Café

Meatlover, FilthyMacNasty's, Angel

When I think meat lover, I think of a deep-pan pizza with all the extra bits and bobs that make it a meaty, doughy taste sensation… sadly, Whiskey Café’s Meatlover (a southern American barbecue pop up that will run the course of summer) doesn’t include the bits and bobs, and certainly was no taste sensation. In their defence, it was a soft opening so the mistakes could be forgiven if the food was outstanding. But it wasn’t.

Meatlover, FilthyMacNasty's, Angel

You’ll find the restaurant tucked away at the back of grungy live music venue FilthyMacNasty’s. Initially, the gastro pub wannabe is trying its hand in the industry with an eight-week lease on the area. Hopefully they learn a few tricks in the first week, otherwise the next seven will be painful. The wait for food was long (like twice-to-the-toilet-after-ordering-type-long) and when the food finally arrived the order was wrong.

Meatlover, FilthyMacNasty's, Angel

Meatlover, FilthyMacNasty's, Angel

So was the food (when it came) any good? For starters we mistakenly received the hot and spicy buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese sauce instead of BBQ chicken wings. If you’re looking for hot and spicy, go to Texas because they ain’t in Angel. A little kick was all the buffalo wings offered.

Meatlover, FilthyMacNasty's, Angel

The hush puppies and cheese fingers were the meatless options and were ordinary at that. The sides (for £3.50) were exactly what they said they were: spinach and bacon (warm spinach and undercooked bacon); bone marrow mash potato (bland bone marrow mash potato)… you get the gist. Overpriced and average.

Meatlover, FilthyMacNasty's, Angel

The main ‘meaty’ part of the meal raised the bar a little. The Meatlover main (smaller size) was a decent-size portion. Beef brisket and  pulled pork were tasty, but the pork chop boasted more fat than meat. The chicken (Mr Blatchford’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken to be exact) was on par with the rest of the meal.

The sesame salad (served in the same dish with the meat) looked divine but was a disappointment to eat. Somehow warm coleslaw just doesn’t work. Dessert options were acceptable, the strawberry shortbread quite enjoyable.

Meatlover, FilthyMacNasty's, Angel

The saving grace was in the form of funky waitress Chloe. Her upbeat attitude and advice on the menu helped to ease the disappointment. But that doesn’t stop the meal and the overall experience scoring a disappointing 4/10.

Filthy MacNasty’s
68 Amwell Street
Tel: 0208 617 3505

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