Stage is Set – Anything but another ‘Pop-up’

When I heard about Stage is Set I was intrigued. Was this just another group of chefs jumping on the pop-up bandwagon? Apparently not. Residencies happen in grown-up cities like New York and London. Is it about time that Melbourne grew up?

Stage is Set - Jorg

“The sole purpose of Stage is Set is to provide a platform for hospitality professionals to get their own ideas onto the plate, and for front of house to create a unique environment in the dining room. I push my team to focus on innovation, rather than imitation. Needless to say teamwork is paramount. Chefs are rotated to keep the menus interesting. and juniors are matched with seniors to help develop ideas.”

Lets get one thing straight – this is not a pop-up, it is a full-time project which has a residency.

Heading up the show is James Kummrow, currently at Trocadero. He has a very decent pedigree:

Sous Chef, Royal Mail Hotel 2010-11

Chef De Partie, The Square (London, UK) 2009-10

Jnr Sous, The Vineyard (Newbury, UK) 2009

Head Chef, Collineige Luxury Chalets (Chamonix, France) 2008

Stage is Set - Jorg

A good leader surrounds himself with a strong team. James has a who’s who of Melbourne’s current and next generation of chefs and FOH working with him to put on four evenings a year.

The Team

Peter Gunn, Attica

Matt Boyle, Attica

Malcolm Meiers, Trocadero

Lauren Ellese, Bistro Guillaume (Front of House)

Shaun Quade, Little Hunter

Vanessa Mateus, Pope Joan

Conall Flay, Station Hotel

Lindsay Fush, Royal Mail Hotel

Todd Moses, Golden Fields

Liam Power, St Ali

Joanne Borg, The Atlantic (Front of House)

Sam Jackson, The Terminus at Flinders (Front of House)

Jeremy Shiell, Andrew Guard Wine Imports (consults on the wine matching)

Stage is Set - Jorg

The Venue

Stage is Set - Jorg

Jorg restaurant in North Fitzroy is now Stage is Set’s permanent residence, thanks to owners Bryce and David. They have just opened their second venue By Jorg at Narkoojee winery in Gippsland, and have their hands full. Jorg is closed every Monday, so they have given James and the team the opportunity to take over the restaurant for Stage is Set.  They will be holding dinners four times a year. The next evening is locked in for August 19 and there are only 50 tickets on sale.

Stage is Set - Jorg

At $95 Stage is Set will be providing an amuse, three savoury courses, and one dessert course with matched wines, tea, coffee and petite four to finish.

The dinner on August 19 dinner will feature Peter Gunn, Malcolm Meiers, Shaun Quade, Lauren Ellese and James Kummrow.

Bookings and enquiries

Stage is Set - Jorg

Jorg restaurant is handling all bookings directly, and all enquiries about Stage is Set are welcomed through their Twitter and Facebook pages (below), or directly on: 0429318559;

I am gutted that we will miss the next dinner in August, we are travelling to London and Europe, but we will definitely be at the next event in November.

Keep in the loop on Facebook and Twitter

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Stage is Set - Jorg


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