A great piece on the changing of the media guard (great HMV analysis), the argument that food journalism is dying and that blogging “can no longer be a stepping-stone to a profession if that profession ceases to exist.

Cake and Fine Wine

[Edit: Thanks to all the smart, savvy people who have read and commented. The feedback has been fantastic, and instructive. I perhaps should perhaps have been clearer that there were two separate issues with Cook‘s call for recipes: that of payment, which this post addresses, and that of entry into a competition , unknowingly and unwittingly. That’s a different problem and one I don’t go into here, for reasons of space.]

Last weekend, the Guardian launched a new food supplement – Cook, which accompanies their Saturday edition. They also launched a bit of a controversy.

Before the launch of Cook, it seems that lots of bloggers received an invitation to contribute to a recipe feature.

The bloggers that contributed weren’t paid for their recipes – and this is where the debate began. The Twitter discussion on the subject between @MsMarmiteLover, AKA Kerstin Rodgers (a particularly brilliant food…

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