Machi, St Kilda

Firstly – a small note to all Melbourne food and drink bloggers and commentators out there – if you want to know what is new on the city’s restaurant scene, check in with the lads at The Woodfrog Bakery on St Kilda’s Barkly Street. With their fantastic organic sourdough loaves being snapped up by a host of recent openings, they really have their finger on the pulse of what’s new and worth checking out.

Machi, Japanese - St Kilda

But bread or no bread, it was the master bakers who told us about the Japanese ikazaya just around the corner on the seedy end of Inkerman/Gray Streets, which promises to be taking a turn for the better after a whole bunch of brand spanking new apartments popping up in the last few months. Within a few hundred metres of each other you can find Inker7, The Woodfrog Bakery, The Newmarket Hotel, Newmarket Cellar Bar, Graze on Gray, Beaver Street Social Club, Hide and Cheek, Dr Jekyll, and now Machi. North of the river might have Akachochin, but us southsiders can revel in the brilliance of Machi.

Machi, Japanese - St Kilda

The restaurant must sit on an old Indian burial ground as there have been three different tenants in just two years. Unfortunately, one of the places was a pizza restaurant going directly head to head with Karen Martini’s Mr Wolf and it just didn’t stand a chance.  To think that the owners fitted the whole place out and then had to watch all their potential customers continue to enjoy the (in our opinion) average Mr Wolf pizzas across the road.

Machi, Japanese - St Kilda

Chef Tatsuya Yamazaki hails, most recently, from Moshi Moshi in Port Melbourne and Chocolate Buddha, but it was the Kyoto-born chef’s time at Benihana in London and Bunshichi in Barcelona that had us really excited.

Machi, Japanese - St Kilda

The space is compact and nicely lit, the menu succinct and to the point, and the service brisk with a smile. You can see that the chef know his stuff by perching yourself at the sushi bar, but when we visited we sat next to the floor-to-ceiling glass frontage – just don’t let the views of street-walkers and curb-crawlers put you off.

Machi, Japanese - St Kilda

Taking a small team with us we launched into the machi izakaya (small dishes) that included, despite my protestations at the lack of meat content, edamame beans and a Japanese pumpkin seaweed salad. I stand corrected having been won over by the sweet, perfectly cooked pumpkin which dazzled with the saltiness of the seaweed. The chef knows a thing or two about balance.

Machi, Japanese - St Kilda

The pork gyoza were pan-fried and had a beautifully caramelised skin, the minced pork – studded with a spattering of finely chopped onion – was tender and full of flavour.

Machi, Japanese - St Kilda

Moving onto the machi gyokai (seafood) we headed straight for the yellowfin tuna sashimi. A nice portion for the four of us, light and fresh-tasting it helped the transition to the next dish.

Machi, Japanese - St Kilda

The crisp-fried calamari was exactly that. The tender curls and light Asian spices set this apart as one of the dishes of the night.

Machi, Japanese - St Kilda

Machi, Japanese - St Kilda

Moreton Bay Bugs and spider crab from the machi maki (rolls and sushi) section of the menu were very generous serves and came out on a platter for us to feast upon.

Machi, Japanese - St Kilda

Lager dishes (worth saving room for) from the machi signature selection included the slow-cooked lamb soy. It is suggested you share it between two, but with the amount we ordered we split it four ways. The sticky soy sauce coating the lamb was sopped up by the rice and no one could seem to get enough of it. The green beans added a crunch and we were content.

Machi, Japanese - St Kilda

That was until the miso-baked barramundi arrived. This was the dish suggested to us by our waiter and even though we had had our fill the tasty, well-cooked fish was demolished in a flash.

Machi, Japanese - St Kilda

Making the most of the new joint @Your Music Radar put his hand up to eat his way through a machi wagashi (sweet). We tried to stop him but he slipped in a dessert platter of green tea brulee, kurogoma black sesame ice cream sundae, green tea ice cream sundae.  I am not all that big of a fan of Asian desserts. Not sure why. Maybe I don’t like the addition of savoury elements but the rest of the table didn’t need any encouragement.

Machi, Japanese - St Kilda

We ordered well, there was not a low point on the list, but next time we will leave it up to chef Yamazaki and his nine-course tasting menu for $55. That’s right, nine courses for the price of a couple of pizzas and a salad at Mr Wolf. We know what side of the road we are walking on….


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11 thoughts on “Machi, St Kilda

  1. I loved my meal at Machi as well, although shame you didn’t try the salmon tataki salad as that was the highlight of our meal, along with the slow cooked lamb. I can’t wait to head back!

  2. Hi Nic,

    Great to see you managed a visit to Machi.

    As a total dining experience (decor, service, food & pricing), it pretty much ticks all the boxes.

    I visited a couple of times shortly after they opened and have been meaning to return.

    There are three or four new Japanese restaurants on my “hit list” that appear to be offering a tad more than your typical suburban Japanese venue.

    So many restaurants, so little time….


  3. Hi Nic,

    I was talking about a new Japanese venue in Elsternwick called Bistro Goemon, just up the road from the train station.

    Has been open for three or four weeks now and I’ve visited 5 times already as it’s walking distance from my home.

    Chef has worked at Nobu & Akachochin. Menu mostly ‘small plates’ with some modern/fusion touches.

    Compared to Shyun in Carnegie it’s expensive. Compared to Nobu or Sake @ Hamer Hall it’s great value !

    Worth trying when you get the chance.


  4. Hi Nic,

    We tried Machi the other night and really enjoyed our meal. But I don’t think you needed to mention the “lads” from Woodfrog Bakery, after going there a few times now for there so called organic bread (soy pumpkin bread is tasteless) unfortunately I think the only thing they have there finger or hand on is something else! Rating 1 out of 10

    As for Machi, it’s great and will go back in the future.

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