Amazing – Grace Cafe, Fitzroy

The number of times I’ve walked past this derelict building on Rose Street on the way to Rose St Markets. In my attempt to appease a visiting family member’s curiosity for some of Melbourne’s local markets I have found myself thinking “that is in prime position to be made into a local café or deli”.

The building usually has some of the most creative graffiti in Fitzroy posted on it and hopefully it will keep changing. Having had a debauched past as a brothel and a BDSM video editing suite, it’s obviously the first place you look to set up your new cafe.

Well someone – that someone being Julia – has beaten me to the buzzer and opened up Grace Café.  Fitzroyalty recently visited and was surprised how much of a following it had received in the short time it has been opened. Read his brief take on it here.

Co-owner Julia, friends and family have come in, knocked down the tiny editing room walls and made made it into a perfectly workable space. Going with the retro vintage vibe they obviously have a budget to stick to and it works for the space they have. But a warning – if you head along in early morning rug up as there is no heating yet.

It’s a small but comfortable space. Being able to perch on the front porch with breakfast and coffee in hand will be a major draw card once summer hits our shores. Tastefully understated, the furniture is hand made – though not from Ikea peoples. The menus home in hardback books and I want a set of their origami flowers!

Priding themselves with an offer of ‘Kind Food’ and catering to vegetarians, vegans and those looking for gluten free options the menu has a decent depth for a new place starting out. This is just a small selection of the full menu below.

The coffee was spot on. They are being supplied by Clark Street Roasters – Who have a Pop Up Coffee Shop nearby.

I am definitely coming back for the Quark (tasty cream cheese) crepes, the BRAT and the choice selection of sandwiches.  A completely empty stomach will be needed.

Another great little community café catering to the local neighbourhood.

Grace Cafe

76 Rose Street, Fitzroy

Grace on Urbanspoon


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