Clark St Roasters Pop-Up

If you need any more proof that Melbourne is the king of the coffee scene in Australia then just add the Clark Street Roasters pop up to the ever-expanding list.  But to find it you have to endure you are going to the right location.  If you check the address on their Twitter feed then you will end up on a road next to Mountain Goat Brewery in Abbotsford. This will be your first mistake. This is the head office and definitely not the pop up location.

If you move on from there, you will turn off Punt Road and start looking for 175 Johnson Street. Of course this has to be one of those long roads where the numbers end up repeating themselves. So bypass the first 175, which is a boarded-up jewelers shop. Continue down towards Brunswick Street in Fitzroy and look for a loading dock with a coffee set up.  There. We all made it. I need a coffee after that round trip.

Clark St and Espresso Syndicate have joined forces in the tradition of Captain Planet and with their powers combined have opened a coffee pop up for the next 4 weeks in the garage of Great Dane Furniture. Clark St Roasters have been in the coffee game for 3 ½ years and you will find Vera hard at work on the two-group Synesso espresso machine should you want to have either a black or milky coffee on the run.

But you shouldn’t come here just wanting to order something you could get at pretty much any other coffee joint in Melbourne. Go for something different. And if you need a little help in understanding the different brew methods then this is the place for you. Tim Percy – Head Roaster for Clark St – holds coffee classes every day from 10am – 10.30am where he could be showing you how exactly a Chemex works, the intricacies of cold drip, syphon or something that I have just invested in – the Aeropress.

These bar sessions pull in both the person with a casual interest in coffee to those from major Melbourne coffee houses around the traps who want to check out what Tim is up to. Having seen many a demo of how to exactly use the Areopress (different baristas will tell you there perfect bean, grind, water temp, brewing time ect) I have taken a likening to Tim’s brewing method.

It seemed like others did too – with a few making the purchase of Aeropress and their favourite beans that they tried during the brew session.  But get in quick, as it is just a pop up – thus not a permanent installment. They have 4 weeks to go in their current location but I have had a little bird let me they are looking at other locations both north and south of the river so they can get their name out there as currently they are just a wholesaler.

If you are lucky enough to be free on weekday you may be lucky enough to get a one-on-one session. But make sure you have water on hand as you will be taken through the full range of coffee if you are up for it. As well you should be.


Clark St Roasters Pop Up

Loading dock behind Great Dane Furniture

175 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

Mon to Fri 7am–3pm
Sat & Sun 8am–3pm

Free brew sessions: 10am – 10.30am daily


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