The Fair Foodstore opens with an MIA kitchen team, Richmond

I stumbled upon this newly opened place on my way to visit the Clark Street Roasters Pop Up shop. The Fair Foodstore has been open for only 2 weeks and the place looks fantastic. You can see that owner, Sarah Masny, has a similar taste in décor to the team at Two Birds One Stone, which I visited yesterday, as the Birds team have pinched a few ideas and implemented them down in South Yarra. Mind you – they are still in the process of finishing the last touches – where decals will be added and the seats upholstered. So it may look different in the next few weeks

There are a number of reasons to be excited about this new café. Sarah Masney has worked and managed a number of high-end restaurants, spending a large chunk of her career at Movida.

She has grabbed Antonio, Head Barista, to assist her with the new endeavor. Originally from Brazil, he spent 6 months in New Zealand where he received his introduction to coffee and fell in love with it. Arriving in Melbourne, he worked as the barista for Movida Bakery – a link he still has as he continues to work there one day a week – when The Fair Foodstore is closed on Monday.

Antoino has selected coffee from Wide Open Road in Brunswick to brew on the shiny new La Marzocco coffee machine he presides over.

Movida Bakery provides the croissants but the real cakes are from a good friend of the owner – Little Bertha – who bakes cakes fresh daily to order. The cake menu is a hand-drawn affair and should you like what you taste you can place an order for delivery.

So what put a huge smile on my face? The head peeking out from the kitchen. You may remember that we raving like a lunatic about the newly opened Ora Café in Kew (originally reviewed here). It was good enough to make our Melbourne’s Best Brunch list.  Then early this year we heard that the kitchen team departed and then it was all quiet on the Western Front.

The head peering out of the kitchen was none other than Dave Masters who originally headed up the Ora kitchen. He and his team have made themselves at home and are currently developing a more extensive brunch menu but in the meantime I don’t think anyone can shirk what they are offering. They have been given the freedom they need to smoke ingredients and source produce.

So the Ora cheffing team has landed on Church Street and I for one will be paying a visit soon for a full review. But in the mean time, like Cheerio (reviewed here) and 3 Bags Full, this place is going to become a destination for the local community. Apparently it already is, as the weekends find them packed but if you want some one on one time head on down during the week where you can chat with the team here to please.

The Fair Foodstore

135 Church Street, Richmond/Abbotsford

Corner of Church Street & Somerset Street, Richmond

Twitter: @The__Fair

Ph. 0422 079 114

The Fair Foodstore on Urbanspoon


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