Rising to the occasion – Woodfrog Bakery, St Kilda

There’s a new bakery in St Kilda, and we reckon it can challenge Baker D. Chirico for the sourdough crown. There will be blood. The actual bakery offerings are sparse at the moment but as Jarrod, the baker, said on our first visit – baby steps are the most important. So they are focusing on getting the sourdough just right before tackling the pastries – but don’t worry, they are coming. And in the meantime, the loaves and bagels will keep you happy, we promise.

You will find the bakery hidden near the corner of Barkley Street and Inkerman Street – just before it turns into Grey Street. Keep your eyes peeled for the bakery sign hammered into the tree out front and the very Melbourne walled garden situated right next to the bench, which will come into its own in summer.  It arrives in good company – with Inker7, Miss Jackson, Graze on Grey (reviewed here) and Fitzrovia (reviewed here) all found in the same neighbourhood.

You know whatever baked goods they have decided to focus on are top-shelf, as Jarrod was a previous incumbent of Baker D. Chirico and South Melbourne’s Chimmey’s, to name a few. I cannot wait to have a decent sausage roll or gourmet pie that can be found within walking distance from my front door. In fact just this week they had just rolled out their first pies which at the moment cost more to produce than what they charge customers. A little more R&D needed to get the balance right.

The boys are keen as mustard to show off their new studio so don’t be afraid to ask to see where the magic happens.

They also have plans for baking classes, which will be a little more adult than the sessions happening at Brasserie Bread in South Melbourne (who specialise in kid’s baking, not that there is anything wrong with that) as alcohol will be allowed to flow (to a certain extent). Yay! The classes will take place over two evenings, to allow the dough to rise.

I for one am visiting Danny Berkovitch and Jarrod Hack every Saturday and Sunday to pick up a warm loaf for breakfast and another to last me the week. They have just received the delivery of their coffee machine – so it’s all coming together for them. And at $3 a coffee – name a place anywhere that can rival that. Once the sun decides to come back you will find me perched out front, attempting to eat my way through their assortment of baked goods. You should start thinking the same.

Woodfrog Bakery
108 Barkly Street
St Kilda 3182

The Woodfrog Bakery on Urbanspoon


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