Why hello, Cheerio….

Opening just a few weeks ago (late June – early July 2012), Cheerio is an ever-so cute space situated just off the main Swan Street drag. A little larger than a ‘hole in the wall’, it comprises a well-utilised front room that serves up a decent selection of food (check out the $10 lunch sandwiches) and Seven Seeds coffee.

Seating around 20 people at a time, the space is flooded with natural light due to the floor-to-almost-ceiling windows, which helps to make the room feel airy and a lot less narrow than it actually is.  The whitewashed brick walls and the banquettes and pastel-coloured stools all help create an illusion of space, too. Shout out to the trio of flying ducks on the white-wood-panelled back wall too, we like.

Not that size matters too much. As the concise menu proves, good things come in small packages, as it offers the usual suspects (granola, pancakes and beans on toast) while shaking things up at the same time (toasted briont – brioche/croissant hybrid, meaty-cheesy sandwiches with homemade slaws). Attention to detail goes through to the lovingly chosen condiments – Beechworth honey, for example.

The coffee is well made and served up in pastel-coloured cup and saucers. And using Jonsey’s milk gives them extra marks in my book. Breakfast is served from 7am – but we opted for the lunch sandwiches that were available from 10am and will set you back no more than $10.

The garlic roast chicken, lemon aioli, chives and frisee lettuce was spot on the money. A nicely marinated filling with pungent garlic and lettuce tossed in pepper and salt. WordMonkey opted for the pan-fried haloumi, vine tomaotes, greens, gherkin, herb and lemon cream cheese. The fluffy ciabatta hd a nice crunchy crust. Satisfying and without being jaw-breaking. The haloumi was grilled perfection and the tang of the gherkin and cream cheese brought the dish to its full potential.

A word to the wise – the good news about this place is going to get out quick. Many a local wandered past with groceries in hand and double-backed to stick their nose in the door to see what all the fuss was about. So pay a visit before the neighbourhood realises what is has got sitting on its doorstep.

323 Lennox Street, Richmond

Mon-Sat 7am-4pm, Sun 8am-4pm

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