Hot Dog In The City – Massive Wieners, Prahran

The catch call of the two guys behind Massive Wieners is best summed up by spitter of rap Dizzee Rascal – Fix Up, Look Sharp. Indeed they are. Dave Brennan and Liam Magee are the bow-tied boy wonders heading up this new hot dog stand in Prahran’s Greville Street – a hub of good food action with Ladro located close by and St Edmond’s (reviewed here) just around the corner.  It runs in a similar fashion as Huxtaburger that you enter, order and then attempt to grab one of the (really) limited seats available outside. 

The boys are good craic and if you can’t get one of the coveted spots on the bench out front, they will keep you more than entertained while you wait.  I love their style – it looks like they are decked out in the white shirts wore to school with op-shop bow ties – and there is an antique cash register and an A3 laminated sign sticky-taped to the ‘official Greville Street’ signage out front. Far more thought has been given to the hotdogs names and fillings, however, so rest assured. 

These boys like to party – don’t take my word for it – the opening times scrawled on a paper napkin and stuck to the door states that they may be open on Sundays ‘depending on how big their Saturday night was’. In my world that is commendable. Even though the first time we visited when they should have been open, we found the place locked and the bow-tied boys in the bar next door sinking a few beers. These guys don’t compromise for anyone.
There are basic soft drinks on offer but let’s face it – you’re here to taste the sausage.  All are available in three-inch Little Peckers, six-inch Average Joes and 12-inch Massive Wieners. And there are six flavour options to help you down these meaty beauties: various combos of cheese, onions, sauerkraut, beef chilli and jalepenos make the job that much easier.
I have been to a fair few American diners, in the states and further afield, and I can safely say that the hot dogs presented here are the most elegant I have seen.  I went for the Classic and Pickle both in Massive Wiener size (12″). The boys had to double check that they had heard right – and they had.

As we ate and chatted the boys said that we all need to sign up to both their Twitter feed and Facebook page as they have some big plans in store. They are currently in conversation with their sausage supplier as to how to get their hands on a 60″ wiener. The only trouble so far is working out how to get it to the shop. They will then hold a monthly eating competition on Sundays for people to attempt to eat the full 60″ the quickest. Prizes up for grabs will be Massive Wiener T-shirts, sausage discounts and signed photographs of Dave and Liam. Then the winner will have to back up the next month to take on a contender. But until they work out the transport issues, the 25″ (well-hung wiener / porn star schlong?) is on its way to launch soon.

I’m just lucky I don’t commute on the train from here otherwise my diet would consist of Massive Wieners for breakfast and dinner. 

It’s a damn shame that the Le Sausage food truck was sold recently, but  at least we can put our faith in these two boys to whip out their meat as and when we (or more likely, they) desire.



Massive Wieners
113 Greville St, Prahran
Thurs to Sat 6pm – 2am
Sun 6pm – midnight

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2 thoughts on “Hot Dog In The City – Massive Wieners, Prahran

  1. OHhh I haven’t heard of this place before but I lik their opening hours and their hot dogs look great 😀 since coming back from the States… I keep craving for their food lol even though I know it may not be the best for you 😛

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