Likely Looking Londoners: Lupo is on the prowl.

Living in Australia, we think we are the centre of Asia and everything we do is on a scale with the rest of the world.  My realization which will hit with full effect on my return is that Australia and to a finer point Melbourne – are sleepy little towns when compared to many cities of the world.  We in Melbourne think we have so much going on during the year that we are spoilt for choice.  We have/are not. A few weeks in London have cemented that fact.

In Melbourne we have things going on at all times of the year that make us feel like we constantly need to go out and experience it all.  In London there may well be 20 things going on every single day that you will not find out about until you hear or read about them the very next day and then start kicking yourself as to how you indeed missed Pete Doherty of The Libertines playing a free secret gig right across the road from where you live. Yes, I did go to many of his secret gigs in London but there were many times where he would just show up and put on a show before disappearing back into the London darkness. That is what I love about London.

Another thing I love but was unable to indulge in this time around is visiting the brilliant restaurant Bocca Di Lupo.  I have mentioned this restaurant in previous blog posts and was gutted to find I could not fit it into the schedule.  In light of that, should you find yourself in Soho make your way here like your life depended on it.

It was the venue of choice for my last birthday in London and the fit out inside blew my mind once again when I entered to take a photo while they were closed.  Boca Di Lupo shines with its small, medium and large fresh tapas plates.  And if you can get a seat overlooking the kitchen, throw any chance of conversation out the window and watch the maestros in action.

The cherry on the top of the Lupo cake is right across the road from the restaurant. The owner and chefs at Boca di Lupo have opened London’s best gelateria right across the road – Gelupo – to put their great minds to work and come up with a selection of fresh gelati every day.  Geddit? Boca Di Lupo and Gelupo? Fogedaboutit.

Inside you are able to taste any or all of their ice cream, sorbet and granitas (they will literally take you through all the flavours by spoonful until you have made your choice). Click here to see today’s contemporary take on traditional flavours.

They also have an attached deli selling beautiful hand made sausages, salamis and pasta sauces if you don’t want to go the whole hog in the restaurant.  They also offer the same sommelier chosen wines to pick-up as they are often hard to find bottles.

So I urge you to visit one of the restaurants of London that I hold in high regard and give dessert a miss so you can wander the streets of Soho with a delicious gelati (or granite if I have my way).

Bocca Di Lupo / Gelupo

12 Archer Street
Soho, UK W1D 7BB


Bocca Di Lupo on Urbanspoon

Gelupo on Urbanspoon


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