Likely Looking Londoners: Whitechapel Graffiti

Beverage before the photography

Fasten your seatbelts, we’ve gone international. The following blog is broadcast live from London. Follow our journey via the wonders of the internets. Wot-ho old chaps!

In Melbourne we have our government authorised lane way graffiti and small pockets of streets around Fitzroy.  London has Banksy and a whole scene that has been bred by decades of street artists making the streets their own gallery.  As you will see over a few posts, we in Oz have a long way to go.

An artist who has been trying to make a name for about 5 years.

A stall down on Brick Lane

Jerk Chicken smoked to perfection by the one and only Mr Spicy

Brick Lane has many a stolen camera to purchase on the cheap

Space Invader - One of Banksy's mates from France

Truman Brewery

If you want a copy of any of these shots to use for computer wallpapers get in touch and I can drop you a copy.

And if you want to learn more about the scene check out Banksy’s very own documentary – Exit Through The Gift Shop – one of the best documentaries to be produced.


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