Sharking for Chips & Drinks 2012 Most Anticipated List

The best thing about looking back at the year that was is then being able to turn your focus onto what the future may hold. 2011 was a great 1st year in Melbourne for us and funny enough a majority of the list will need to take place out of town – but I think that is even better as per El Bulli belief – The journey is as important as the food.

Attend a T.O.Y.S. Collective Dinner

This collective may have registered on your radar but for most this may have passed you buy in the craziness of the year that was. It was initially set up to showcase the hottest culinary talent Sydney had to offer. The team included Dan Hong, Adriano Zumbo, Mitchell Orr to name a few but then Melbourne put it’s hand up and chefs from Huxtable, Cutler & Co and Loam deservedly received the call up.

This line up has evolved to reflect those within the industry that peers consider to be the most exciting, promising talent in the business with an outlet to get together and put on moving feasts that promise to continue delivering gastronomic events to a willing Aussie audience. Somehow I will get myself there.

Eat at Heston Blumenthal’s newest restaurant Dinner by Heston – London

Yes – everyone has heard about The Fat Duck to death – and for good reason which I don’t need to go into. But did you know the bald food maestro has 3 other establishments under his belt that due to TFD’s success you may never have heard about?

Heston’s’ Dinner opened at the beginning of this year at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde park, London. Heston wanted to develop a menu that’s inspired by historic British Gastronomy and by historic he means dishes that may well have been served in the 1780’s. With a dining room that features floor-to-ceiling glass walls giving its diners a view of the kitchen and its unique pulley system modelled after a version used by the royal court, this ticks all of what I believe Heston to be.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal on Urbanspoon

David Chang – Sydney

Momofuku Seiōbo on Urbanspoon

Firstly – If you have not bought every quarterly copy of Lucky Peach – then what are you looking at? Go to Books For Cooks or similar and lose yourself in the corner of the market Chang has all to himself. Momofuko Seiobo is the one and only destination in Australia that bears the David Chang Name and all reports coming out of the Bookings only – No walk ins allowed-$175 credit card deposit thank you very much – has been raving reviews. I have to be involved in this.

John King’s takeover of The Palace (ex Luke Mangan) in South Melbourne

Yes – the King is set to reign over the Palace – come on it was there and we were all thinking it. The place that is no longer Luke Mangan’s will be invaded by John King who’s background of Church Street Enoteca, The European and the Royal Mail Hotel has recently been appointed head chef at the South Melbourne gastropub. Even though I have always been a bit iffy on the location it won’t stop me barnstorming through the doors once a menu has been put in place.

The Palace on Urbanspoon

San Telmo

I love meat which is why one day in the very near future I can see a lazy trip through Argentina. This again is why I have been off-putting my visit to San Telmo. There are bloggers out there who have posted photos of restaurants in Argentina that for ten of your hard earned dollars will serve you a steak that looks like a Sunday roast and needs to be carved into massive individual steaks in front of you while also receiving all the sides and trimmings to make it many a meal you will never forget. now transport yourself back to the first world where you will get a well cooked steak for ~$40 and each side will cost you in the realm of $10 – $15…. Yeah. That’s where I’m at. But until then I will indeed get a hankering and this is where I will visit.

San Telmo on Urbanspoon

So where are you looking forward to eating and drinking?  And it doesn’t just have to be Melbourne… What about in Victoria, Australia or internationally?


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Sharking for Chips & Drinks 2012 Most Anticipated List


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