Melbourne Lunch Special – Oyster bar & Bistro – The Albert Park Hotel

We were recently featured in The Age’s food magazine Epicure (Read our take on it here). So in line with the feature, which focused on Melbourne’s best lunch deals, we took ourselves to The Albert Park Hotel to once again sample their delightful lunch menu. The Albert Park Hotel is owned by Julian Gerner and Tom Walker who also own and The Newmarket Hotel which opened few months ago down the road from us. We have visited a number of times but feel like they are taking a long time to find their feet – deciding on whether they are a restaurant, Mexican drinks and street-food stop, bar, restaurant or a combination of all of these. This dilemma is no concern for The Albert Park Hotel which has nicely landed in the market as a professional outfit that specialises in seafood in all its glory.

Found directly across from Andrew’s Hamburgers (The best burgers in Melbourne!) we usually stop over at the hotel for a drink while we wait for our order. There is very limited outside space but when the locals finish work the inside becomes a buzzing hive of activity showing that this newish establishment has taken to the local like a horse to water. The interior is split into bar, tables and booths while towards the back, the fine dining comes into its own with warm wood draped in shades of black and white. But we were not here for that dining experience – but we will be back to put it through it’s paces.

The Albert Park Hotel has one of Melbourne’s great affordable lunch specials going around – Taco & Thai Salad for $20. We decided on a combination of 2 tacos but each ordered a different salad. The first taco was the lobster tacos “surf & turf” w/ guacamole, crispy pork and grilled pineapple salsa. The Asian flavours around a Mexican food staple really worked wonders. The pineapple was the perfect combination with the slices of lobster and avocado.

This was matched by the tuna sashimi and crab salad w/ green mango and holy basil & crispy fish. It certainly had a good kick of chilli – and this is from the mouth of a chilli addict. But the warmth was nicely complemented by the fresh fish.

The second taco was the crisp prawn taco w/ chipotle mayo, Baja coleslaw and jalapenos. It was just as good as the first.  Maybe even better

The second salad we decided upon was the sticky pork salad, w/ Crystal Bay prawns, spicy green papaya salad, peanuts and Thai herbs.. It was on the list and of course it had to be ordered. I just love how the pork worked so well with the seafood warped in the little parcels of deliciousness. And again with the added asian flavours, this hit the mark with spectacular style.

The Albert Park Hotel is a destination ding and drinking spot close enough to the city but in leafy surrounds and within walking distance to the beach. So this summer, head down for a quick feed, take it all off with a beach stroll and then if you feel like it, fill yourself back up at Andrew’s Burger on the way home. Such is life.

Oyster bar & Bistro Albert Park Hotel

83 Dundas Place

Melbourne, Albert Park

Ph. (03) 9690 5459

Oyster bar & Bistro Albert Park Hotel on Urbanspoon


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