Melbourne Restaurants Open on Monday Nights

Last Monday I found myself wondering around Smith, Gertrude and Brunswick Streets trying to find a decent restaurant to have dinner in.  A number of places I wanted to try had their lights off so we struck onto our next option – to find exactly the same thing – closed.  We were also asked by some wayward tourists as to dinner recommendations but were hesitant to help as many of our hot tips may be been closed.

So in light of this I am presenting Melbourne Restaurants Open on Monday Nights to combat that aimless wandering around town with fingers crossed.  I provide direct links to the website of each restaurant and also through to Urbanspoon so you can keep your finger on the pulse of each establishment.

This is by no means a definitive list so if I have missed out on anywhere please leave the suggestion in the comments section and I will add it to the list.

Keep on sharking…

p.s. After looking at all of the restaurant websites I could become a consultant in what not to do when designing a restaurant website.  Dear lord there are some shockers (Music, Flash, Load Time, Design, Front Page Basics and the like) – especially from the higher end.  But I may keep that as a separate blog post.

Looking for something different?

Scarf are pretty excited to announce we are heading to Fitzroy North’s Jorg for a series of Scarf ‘pop up’ Dinners, as part of their Spring season.
This time they’re doing things a bit differently, with Jorg head chef Bryce Bernhardt designing and cooking a modern European seasonal menu, which will be served to our dinner guests by Scarf front-of-house trainees and their mentors. For more information on dinners and how to book, head to www.scarfcommunity.orgScarf borrows restaurants to provide hospitality training and mentoring to young people facing barriers to work..

Albert Park

The Point (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Albert Park Hotel (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Andrew’s Hamburgers (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Ricardo’s Trattoria (Website) (Urbanspoon)


Ilona Staller (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Carlisle Wine Bar (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Brunswick East 

Bar Idda (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Rumi (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Hellenic Republic (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Kumo Izakaya (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Thai on Street (Website) (Urbanspoon)


Omogari (Website) (Urbanspoon)


The Town Mouse Bar & Restaurant (Website) (Urbanspoon)

DOC (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Esposito at Toofey’s (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Lygon Charcoal Grill & Steakhouse (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Shakahari (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Di Mattina’s Restaurant & Bar (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Carlton North 

Chin Chin at Koto Moon (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Gerald’s Bar (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Bramble & Vine (Website) (Urbanspoon)


Kimchi and Bab (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Big Boy BBQ (Website) (Urbanspoon)


BangPop (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Bar Lourinha (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Becco (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Bistro Vue (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Benito’s (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Bottega (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Coda (Website) (Urbanspoon)

City Wine Shop (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Collin’s Quarter (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Comme Kitchen (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Cookie (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Gingerboy (Website) (Urbanspoon)

The European (Website) (Urbanspoon)

The Italian (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Flower Drum (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Izakaya Den (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Gill’s Diner (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Movida (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Movida Aqui (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Merchant (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Mezzo Bar & Grill (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Hako (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Grossi Florentino (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Hare & Grace (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Chin Chin (Website) (Urbanspoon)

China Red (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Crystal Jade (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Cumulus Inc (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Gami (Website) (Urbanspoon)

The Deanery (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Hutong Dumpling Bar (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Kenzan Japanese (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Longrain (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Il Bacaro (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Maha (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Mamasita (Website) (Urbanspoon)

St Peters (Website) (Urbanspoon)

San Telmo (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Sarti (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Verge (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Shoya (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Vue De Monde (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Yu-U (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Taxi Dining Room (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Kitchen Cat (Website) (Urbanspoon)

The Press Club (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Little Press (Website) (Urbanspoon)

PM24  (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Pellegrini’s Expresso Bar (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Red Spice Road (Website) (Urbanspoon)

+39 Pizzeria (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Ishiya Stone Grill (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Bar Ampere (Website) (Urbanspoon)

My Happy Palace (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Kokoro Ramen (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Ezard (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Caboose Canteen (Website) (Urbanspoon)

La Vita Buona (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Three Below (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Senoritas (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Meatball & Wine Bar (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Bar Humbug (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Gazi (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Pei Modern (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Clifton Hill

Terminus Hotel (Website) (Urbanspoon)


The Post Office Hotel (Website) (Urbanspoon)

The Woodlands Hotel (Website) (Urbanspoon)


Josie Bones (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Bayte (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Rice Queen (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Anada (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Yorkshire Hotel (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Rockwell and Sons (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Lee Ho Fooks (Website) (Urbanspoon)


Va Bene Pizzeria e Pasta Cucina (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Mecca Bah (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Bob’s Steak & Chop House (Website) (Urbanspoon)

East Melbourne

GG (Website) (Urbanspoon)


Sails on the Bay (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Ferntree Gully

Ferntree Thai (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Dandelion (Website) (Urbanspoon)


Anada (Website) (Urbanspoon)

De Los Santos (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Birdman Eating (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Backstreet Eating (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Ladro (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Cutler & Co. (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Naked for Satan (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Little Creatures Dining Hall (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Napier Hotel (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Breizoz French Creperie (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Eat Drink Man Woman (Website) (Urbanspoon) 

Phat Brats (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Fitzroy North 

Matteo’s Restaurant (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Terminus Hotel (Website) (Urbanspoon)

North Fitzroy Arms Hotel (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Horn Please (Website) (Urbanspoon)


Laksa King (Website) (Urbanspoon)


Station Hotel (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Aangan (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Golden Harvest Seafood & BBQ Restaurant (Website) (Urbanspoon)


Pinocchio Restaurant (Website) (Urbanspoon)


Omah’s (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Chester White (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Choi’s (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Zen (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Undertaker (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Orto Kitchen & Garden (Website) (Urbanspoon)


St Katherine’s (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Chinese Jin Dumpling House (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Charcoal Grill on the Hill (Website) (Urbanspoon)

QPO Restaurant (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Barkers Wine Bar & Bistro (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Mister Bianco (Website) (Urbanspoon)


Aoba (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Remy Bar Restaurant Tapas Y Vino (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Maris (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Middle Park 

Middle Park Hotel (Website) (Urbanspoon)

North Melbourne 

Akita Japanese (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Town Hall Hotel (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Hotel Metropolitan (Website) (Urbanspoon)

The Court House (Website) (Urbanspoon)

The Crimean (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Port Melbourne 

The Graham (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Omah’s (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Rose Diner and Bar (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Glenda Cafe (Website) (Urbanspoon)


Borsch, Vodka & Tears (Website) (Urbanspoon)

The Smith (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Morris Jones (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Bistro Thierry (Website) (Urbanspoon)

HuTong Dumpling (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Ladro (Website) (Urbanspoon)


Maedaya (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Pearl (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Grand Hotel Dining Room (Website) (Urbanspoon)

The Hungarian (Website) (Urbanspoon)

The Aviary (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Vlado’s (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Bouzy Rouge (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Church St Enoteca (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Baby Pizza (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Fonda Mexican (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Borrowed Space (Website) (Facebook)


Nobu (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Spice Temple (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Meat & Wine Co. (Website) (Urbanspoon)

The Waiting Room (Website) (Urbanspoon)

The Atlantic (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Guiseppe, Arnaldo & Son’s (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Bistro Guillaume (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Rockpool Bar & Grill (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Pure South (Website) (Urbanspoon)

South Wharf Promenade

BangPop (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Meat Market (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Akachochin (Website) (Urbanspoon)

My Mexican Cousin (Website) (Urbanspoon)

South Melbourne

The Palace (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Lamaro’s (Website) (Urbanspoon)

O’Connell’s (Website) (Urbanspoon)

South Yarra 

Da Noi (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Bacash (Website) (Urbanspoon)

France-Soir (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Dainty Sichuan (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Jus Burgers (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Mama Baba (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Gramercy Bistro (Website) (Urbanspoon)

B’Stilla (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Pinocchio Restaurant (Website) (Urbanspoon)

St Kilda 

Cafe Di Stasio (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Ciccolina (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Circa @ The Prince (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Donovans (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Claypots Seafood & Wine (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Stokehouse (Website) (Urbanspoon)

I Carusi II (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Sapore (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Newmarket Hotel (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Itali.Co (Website) (Urbanspoon)


The Moors Head (Website) (Urbanspoon)

West Melbourne 

Hallah (Website) (Urbanspoon)


Mama Ganoush (Website) (Urbanspoon)

Ayanata (Website) (Urbanspoon)


11 thoughts on “Melbourne Restaurants Open on Monday Nights

  1. Heya! Some more for the list.

    Pearl doesn’t exist anymore. but Baby Pizza is open on Mondays too.
    Fonda Mexican on Swan.
    Maedaya on Bridge.

    St YARRA

    Meatball & Wine Bar

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