Gold Coast Foodie Guide Part 2 – We visit No Name Lane, Dona Dona Korean, Bumbles & Barchino

Pre Meetup with WordMonkey, The boys and I decided to try another of the new coffee places to pop up.  No Name Lane is a new coffee joint in a ‘lane way’ that serves a decent coffee in Broadbeach – which is a wasteland of horribleness otherwise.

Day two and we need something satisfying and spicy to help us get over our hangovers and sleepless nights, and prepare us for the rest of the day. So we head for lunch at Dona Dona Korean on the outskirts of Australia Fair in Southport.

Plenty of Koreans tucking into spitting griddles of bulgogi bodes well. We opt for one pork and one beef with mountains of Kim chi – the pork is definitely on the money. Juicy meat and a great kick – could have had a few more onions / veggie bits but the tangy Kim chi made up for that.

Beef was also good – very tender but lacking the punch we were looking for. Service was reassuringly sporadic. Order and pay at the counter, when we ordered extra rice from the comfort of our plastic table we were charged on the spot. Not that that detracted from this little gem of a place.

Time for coffee (and cake when we are back at Christmas – just couldn’t fit it in on this visit) at Bumbles on the foreshore of Budds Beach.  This place is so Gold Coast it’s not funny.  The café resembles part beach shack, part fine dining restaurant with small rooms spread out with their very own theme.

With the sun out in full show we took a seat outside on he footpath for our coffees.  But if you are not close enough to the water you can go and get a table and bench across the road on the beach and service will come to you.  As mentioned we didn’t try the cakes but the coffee was decent enough.

The rest of this day was a mad rush of ½ hour of prep time to get ready for “The Wedding of the Year” of Kiel to Shelley – or should that be the other way around – which took place in Tallai and had a god-damn-amazing view of the Gold Coast from the top of the Hinterland.  Perfect to show the English Rose WordMonkey why the Gold Coast is a home away from home.

Day three kicked off with brunch at Barchino located at Nobby’s beach just next to the Gold Coast Highway.  This may not sound desirable but this suburb of the Gold Coast is becoming quite the foodie hotspot as we would be back that evening for dinner at one of the best restaurant at the south end of the coast that has opened in the recent months.

Barchino had just switched from it’s brunch menu to lunch so we pretty much all opted for seafood. They also offered a thick shake and of course sitting under the sun’s harsh rays we had to grab a few to keep us cool.  Chocolate is the best for that.

Most of the table went for the prawns with aioli and chilli tomato salsa.  These prawns were fresh from the market that day and were plump and juicy.  They were encased in a batter that did not have any remnants of oil so you were able to get the full taste of the prawn with any oily residue.

The squid – another GC staple came out fresh and lightly battered as well.  It came with the same side sauces as the prawn but the chilli tomato salsa was better matched with this dish than with the prawns.

The carnivore in the group decided upon the steak sandwich.  This was a great size serving and came with the addition of a fried egg – even though I missed that description on the menu.

We save the best meal for its very own blog post, which will follow very soon.

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