King of the Brewski – The Local Taphouse, St Kilda

This place is my local and what a local it is.  Having spent the past 5 years in London I did not know what having a ‘proper’ local pub actually was.  A proper local pub in London speak is having a pub literally on the corner of your street within 200m of your residence – and by this I mean not in the city but in any residential area you may find yourself in.  Hell, Having lived in an area of London for over a year I would take a different route to the tube and stumble upon 2 new places I never knew existed.


That is something that will never transition to Australia but the Taphouse is as good a substitute as any.  The beauty of the place is the revolving door of beers on tap.  The old-school board above the bar has 20 different beers on tap and if you happen to get through all of them in a few sittings you can be guaranteed that a whole ‘nother 20 will be waiting when you choose to return.  This is in addition to 100’s of beers that can be ordered by the bottle.  The only rival I know is Josie Bones on Smith Street.


As WordMonkey is English and had never set eyes upon a proper Aussie Parma, we headed down to put her through her paces.  The menu said it was not going to be a thin frozen abomination of chicken but a fresh juicy cut.  How right they were.  It was rightly huge with the batter being crispy and getting the topping grilled right to perfection.  They also somehow get the chips perfect too.  I have been back a couple of times and the chips are never hit and miss.


As my brother and girlfrinds didn’t want to double up with another parma they went for the burrito which was finished in a flash.  I forgot to ask them his thoughts but left an empty plate so take that for what it’s worth.


I wanted a parma too but to make things interesting I went for the steak sandwich.  Interesting would be the adjective I would use to describe what I got. If the parma was a hearty meal I expected the steak sanga to be in the same ballpark. And you know what assuming can do…  As you can see from the photo, the steak is the thinnest slice I may ever have been served in a place of dining.  And the sourdough encompassing it all felt like they had nipped down to Coles and bought the cheapest rolls that should have been heated in the oven before serving.


The steak and the bread was just dry, dry and more dry.  For the cost to be in a similar range as the parma I know what I will be leaning towards next time.


But you come to a church of beer for one thing so just heed the warning and come for the golden nectar.


The choice thing about this pub and their selection of beers is that right next door they have recently opened up their own bottle shop – The Local BottleStore & provisions – so you can take home something that took your fancy next door or throw together a six pack of your own choosing. 

They also gourmet stock items usually only found in a quaint deli with a  generous selection of charcuterie and cheeses available and quality lavosh, crispbreads, and olive oils for purchase.

I could go on all day with events that the Taphouse holds such as Sunday Trivia (with the maddest 80’s bird on the planet), Local Laughs, Ale Stars and numerous exclusive beer related events. The Beer & Brewer People’s Choice Award and Overall Best Beer Venue Award went to The Local Taphouse in 2010 so you should make tracks to see what all the fuss is about.

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4 thoughts on “King of the Brewski – The Local Taphouse, St Kilda

    • That is the most proper parma I have had since returning – and it was the parma to convince an English Rose that it is worth being in its own food group. I have to say that the burgers are good as well – but how can you go past a masterpiece on the plate?

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  1. I’m sorry did someone say beer??? YES YES YES!!! I love the whole vibe of the place (from your piks). Looks like a lovely place for food and beer (my fav combo). Great selection they’ve got going on. Would def suggest this place for dins next time I’m in the area.

    P.s. so jealous you got to live in London, I really wanted to go! But the uni arrangements just didn’t work so had to pass on the opportunity, so sad =(

    • Yeah – I try to get down there any and every chance I get. And with summer coming along the top floor bar’s outside area is spot on. Another hot tip is that there is a TV next to the upstairs bar which is usually off but if you do want to watch a sports match but don’t want to lower your beer standards by heading to the dodgy pub across the road, you can usually convince the team to put it on for you.
      And the chance to take home one of your favourite brews home from the shop next door – does it get any better?

      If you do ever get the chance to do some time in London you gotta take the opportunity with both hands. If you have/when you do finish uni – great place to get experience – one of the few places in the world where nearly any brand you want to work for is set up on your doorstep. And London is one of those places that you can do something different every night of the year and you never have to repeat something – amazing.

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