Nineteen Squares – Blessington St, St Kilda

AKA N1neteen S9uares

There is many a place in the surrounds of St Kilda and being a local I am the first to admit I travel further afield to sample the brunch delights before looking at my own suburb.  But after a recent trip to the Gold Coast I wanted to stay local and also impress WordMonkey by taking her to a place she may not have heard about.

That is how we came to find ourselves at N1neteen S9uares on Blessington Street, St Kilda. Basically just off the end of Acland Street but a million miles from the dirty bakeries that line the strip. It is a relatively simple joint getting its name from the number of milk crates stationed outside its front door that make up a good part of its decor.

The small but sussinct menu is found next to the front door and it covers the gamut of traditional breakfast items with a twist, a couple of affordable lunch items (you will be hard pressed to find anything over $11) and finishing off with their selection of Sangas.

We hit the coffee first while making our brunch choices.  The flat white and Capachino were nicely weighted but the flat white was a tab on the milky side.

I have heard many a good thing about the “World Famous” chicken sanga for which I opted.  They really have all the elements in perfect harmony and thus have the right to name it the way that they have.  The sanga starts with a chewy sourdough bread, moves into a well mixed layer of chicken, mayo and avocado – perfectly seasoned and portioned perfectly between the bread.  And to add a bit more fast and texture a good serve of rocket finishes it off.

WordMonkey was tossing up having the ham, gruyere, semi-dried tomato and basil toasty ($6.50) but opted for the thyme and feta mushies on toast ($8.50).  A perfect mix of sweet and salty layered onto the sourdough with a large heap of rocket.  All was going well until a slip of the knife and fork and the final quarter of her meal fell of the table and onto the floor.  Disappointed she was and promised to make a return to try the rest of the menu.

So, if you do find your way down this end of the coast with family, friends or even travellers who want to gawk at Acland St, do them and yourself a favour – give N1neteen S9uares a go – you will find yourself in a edgy part of town you may never have known existed.

Nineteen Squares

(03) 8598 9919

St Kilda 
31 Blessington St
Melbourne, 3182

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6 thoughts on “Nineteen Squares – Blessington St, St Kilda

  1. Oh wooow that’s a lot of rocket leaves haha. Brekkie to me is a time to have a long (2-3hrs undisturbed), relaxed catch up with myself or dear friends. That’s why at the end of the day, I still prefer less known and quieter cafes but with good honest food. This sure seems to fit that category! Busy weekend brekkie places make me does get to me a bit and just feels like a weekday. Thanks for the intro! =)

    • Oh My God – Miss Jackson has just had so much press recent;y – and there are some real stars that have just opened. You could do a different Brunch each day for N1neteen S9uares, next day hit up Fitzrovia – the new St Ali love child on Fitzroy St, right next to that is Golden Fields doing breakfast too, then Baker D Chirocco a few doors down…. Too many choices in an area than many people would have written off 6 months ago.

      With business picking up like this – does anyone have any tips as to who else may be opening in the neighbourhood?

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