Taste of Melbourne 2011

Taste of Melbourne 2011 kicked off with a bang for a lucky few Melbourne based bloggers. Left work at the right time – for the first time in a long time and We were met and swept through into the back of house kitchen to look at the set up of Sarti who wanted us all to get involved in the tasting of the freeze dried mandarin which we all thought was like a Cheezel with the flavour of fruit. Quite an impressive start and add to that the pistachio panna cotta, dessert back here sounded like a good idea.

So with just that small sample, we all headed up to the top balcony where the Rekorderlig Cider bar was situated. We were given samples of each of their huge range which included the just released apple and blackcurrant cider. Quite nice as it had a similar taste to Ribena. But the Pear really kicked goals for me. I reckon that over the weekend many a husband weary on his feet, decided to meet the family back here.

After drink must come food and it was very lucky that the next stop on the grand tour was a pizza stop. Sanpellegrino Cafe Society brought +39 Pizzeria into their fold to provide the eats to accompany their drinks which was a match made in heaven. The setup was as similar to an old pizzeria you might stumble across in Napoli that they could piece together in Australia. My favourite was the classic Margherita and Gamberi which hit the spot with taste and texture. It was matched very well with the drinks provided by Sanpellegrino – I always tend to steer towards the Blood Orange Sanpellegrino.

Our next stop was the Sensology stage where a cocktail making class was to take place.  I have done a more in depth version of this while in London but this was a good snapshot of how easy it can actually be.  Our drink of choice was the Mojito and with the beacon shining from my head I was chosen to be the barman assistant on the stage in front of the whole crowd.  Not letting the nerves get the better of me We all mixed to the best of our abilities and needed up having one of the best cocktails that we had ever attempted.

We were then released into the wild of Taste of Melbourne with the Crown Currency so a few of us got together and hit a few places sharing each plate that we bought.  The Stokehouse, +39 Pizzeria and St Katherine’s were all hunted down and their small dishes devoured.  Due to the mass eating we missed the De Dietrich Appliances presentation with Jacques Raymond but did get to meet him in person after the event.

The cheese tasting closed off our event.  The cheese master class given By Jindi.  The selection included Camembert, the Robin Hood Gold, the Jacksons Track, the Triple Cream White and their Sapphire Blue.  the Jackson Track was my favourite but it was my first cheese master class so I was able to take something other than a full belly away with me.

We will definitely be attending next your and I suggest you do to if you missed out on this year’s event.

p.s. My memory card decided to delete itself so photos are courtesy of Domandheath.com


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