Well done internets! 2

In the vein of #FollowFriday on Twitter, these posts will feature the worth posts from bloggers that have come to my attention during the preceding week.  You may already be a subscriber but if not, take the time to check these blogs out…

Anna (@eatnik)

Anna alerted us to a new child in the blogosphere: The Razzies: The Horrid Food of Melbourne.  This is a site dedicated to what they believe is the worst food experiences in Melbourne.  Many of us had an issue with their recent review of Cumulus Inc. where, in addition to a number of spelling mistakes, slated the place due to not having a booking, thus having a 1½ hour wait for a table. I see no future for them.


April (@myfoodtrail)

A New blog on my Radar (as it says on the tin). April has some stunning photos of her Cupcake masterclass at @cupcake_central‘s Melbourne Central workshop http://t.co/Adq6SQB.  And like me she sometimes has a male compatriot who wrangles the control of the blog over for a few posts.

Thanh Do (@ieatblog)

The Long Table in Mornington has recently been awarded a MGFG Hat.  Thanh knew the quality was there but had not received the official recognition.  Now they have:http://t.co/hiuXOf3

eat, drink, stagger (@eatdrinkstagger)

Yes – the blogosphere has gone mental recently with reviews of Lane favourite Chin Chin.  As it is very close to work I am able to duck in, eat and be home before 8pm if the stars align.  Different from many reviews, this one has some good photography to accompany:http://t.co/Xv7PRDJ

If you are keen for an idea of Brunches and Restaurants worth visiting this weekend check out a few of our latest posts.


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