Well done internets!

As I am off to the Goldfields for the first time to eat, drink and be merry I figured I had better get this week’s Radar out into the world.  The Radar is a weekly column pointing you in the direction of some worthwhile posts in the blogosphere.

You may already be a subscriber but if not, take the time to check these blogs out…

Mel: Hot or Not: (@jetsettingjoyce)

Yum Cha’s are a part of Aussie  life and Joyce thinks she has found the best Yum Cha in Melbourne.  I am inclined to give her the benefit of the  doubt and will be trying this little beauty in the very near future.  Do yourself a favour… http://ht.ly/63Xrl



I know many of my fellow foodie bloggers are also photographers and this is what I would deem one of the best photography blog sites.  They have regular output and their posts just make plain sense.  Worth checking out and signing up to their newsletter: http://www.lightstalking.com/fences

Mister Close (@MisterClose)

A blog post from the new team running Mr Close (CBD) and the way they are trying to get their head around Human Behaviour – but from the other side of the counter: http://misterclose.blogspot.com/2011/08/human-behaviour-just-try-to-figure-it.html


Allan Campion (@melbfoodie)

Allan is putting the final touches to what may be the definitive foodies guide to Melbourne.  All he needs to add is a newsletter subscribe button.  And he just reviewed my favourite Melbourne restaurant Chin Chin.  What more do you want? http://www.themelbournefoodie.com/

Foodie Photography

Everyone can always improve on what has been done before.  And to improve you want it to be kept nice and simple.  So here are a few great food photography blogs that will give you another perspective on capturing that edible image:



Until next week....


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