The Radar

In the vein of #FollowFriday on Twitter I will begin to feature the worth posts from bloggers that have come to my attention during the preceding week.  You may already be a subscriber but if not, take the time to check these blogs out…

The Last Appetite:  Iam a bit late to this party.  Information on how to follow new restaurants added by Urbanspoon that DO NOT HAVE ANY BLOG REVIEWS YET.  If you are in the business of getting hits then check this out.

Jar Rayner: (@jayrayner1)
Food Critic @ The Guardian.  Here he visits a gastropub in London.  The
amount of times I have heard Aussies make negative remarks about what a GASTROpubmust be shows how much we don’t know about food culture all the while thinking we have it nailed with all of our FUSION chefs out there.  And a soup for the equiv  of $9.00. This should put Aussie prices into perspective.

5Senses (@5Senses) A
great blog post about how to best market your café using the internet.  Worth a read and assessing whether café’s are doing it well or hurting themselves – as per a conversation I recently had with@teeroybrowns.

If you are keen for an idea of Brunches and Restaurants worth visiting this weekend check out a few of our latest posts.

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