Brunch @ St Edmunds – Prahran

I had heard about St Edmunds from word leaking out during their soft opening a few months ago and decided that since it was virtually up the road that it would be a place worth checking out.  Being nestled at the crossroads of Greville St, Prahran.  It is a great little area with its own sense of style just off the Melbourne  known as Chapel St.

Behind the  graffiti-covered exterior is a natural light-drenched space.  Not one to get too worked up about who designed what, who previously worked where etc, I must say that I do like what Projects of Imagination have installed for the team.

The menus come on cards inserted in a pocket which is just another ingenious idea.  By the time we showed up it was a few weeks after then opening and they are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  For a Saturday brunch the place was busy but not overrun by locals (just yet anyway).  If that way inclined they have craft beer and cider on tap to whet the old whistle.

Owner Adam Wilkinson has breathed new life into an old garage and has added some nice touches to the decor of the place. The snazzy staff get around in denim  aprons (designed by Scanlan & Theodore) which WordMonkey was frothing at the mouth to get hold of one for her kitchen capers.  The specials menu is posted on a blackboard and to the side elements of the staff uniform offer a new take  on the indoor pot plant phenomenon.

I must say that I was impressed by the coffee on offer and the extra expense to provide sugar in glass faux crushed plastic party cups.  A nice little touch.  The selection of old scales dotted around the place didn’t hurt either.

As per any good cafe they have a good selection of pastries/muffins etc and a display of freshly made sandwiches and the like for those not taken with the menu.  Now in all honesty I was not bowled over by the contents of the menu.  This is due to my wield obsession of not liking eggs in any form whatsoever.  So I had to look at other options.

We did encounter an issue though.  As we wanted to steer away from the breakfast menu we placed our order from the lunch menu.  It was 11.45am people!  They said that we would have to wait until they started serving lunch at 12pm.  Yes – ok – no problem.  We also ordered 2 coffees to assist us in the wait.  The problem was that we had a 30 min wait for our coffees and then a further 30 min wait for the burger order.

We were not starving so decided to share something and got the wagyu meatball sourdough sanga with roast capsicum and sheep’s feta. Yes it was nice and tasty but my issue was with the size vs cost vs wait time.  Looking on UrbanSpoon it seems like we were neither the first nor the last to encounter it.

I am not sure I cam be tempted back to give it a second chance – but if I do, I will do a follow-up post to update its status.  If and when you get around to checking it out drop a word in below with your thoughts.

St Edmonds
154 Greville Street
Tel. (03) 9525 0473

Open hours: Sunday-Monday 7am-5pm / Tuesday-Saturday 7am-11pm

St Edmonds on Urbanspoon


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