Poppin’ on Swanston St

Curtin House – home of Cookie, The Toff and a rooftop cinema and bar – it’s a Melbourne institution. So what better place to open a new pop-up venue? With ventures ‘popping up’ all over the city, Roof Pop – sponsored by those bubbly chaps at Veuve Clicquot – occupies what was the cinema’s box office and promises a space for drinks, functions and live DJ sets just one floor below the astro-turfed glory of the sprawling top level.

Admittedly, when we paid a visit it was the slow start to a slow Saturday night, so everything looked a little subdued. Even the wall-mounted shot glasses and umbrella-handle champagne stoppers failed to distract our attention from the decidedly dead atmosphere. But no doubt when the weather warms up and the word spreads, things will liven up.

DJ booth? Check. Intimate lounge banquette seating? Check. Cheapest glass of champers in the CBD? Possibly. Potential for pulling shapes on the dance floor? Most definitely.

Open all summer, you should pop in.

Roof Pop
Curtin House
Level 6
252 Swanston Street

Roof Pop on Urbanspoon


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