Albert Park’s Nshry (that’s ‘noshery’, apparently)

Me and the camera-wielding boy made it to recently opened Nshry in Albert Park this weekend – a brave venture from a group of unknowns (excuse the food snob in me) currently serving an all-day breakfast/brunch menu with plans for ‘modern Australian’ lunch and dinner menus as soon as they find a chef. That’s right, at the moment the guy in the kitchen is actually owner Michael Nam. And he is doing a pretty good job with a safe menu featuring chilli eggs and eggs benedict – we went for the croque madame, which was tasty and filling with a roasted tomato on the side keeping things not too dry. Could be a food snob again and say that I would have liked to have known where the ham was from (plus I’m afraid the bread was more supermarket than artisan bakery) – and whether the cheese was actually Gruyère – it didn’t really have that distinctive nutty taste, so I am not sure. On the whole though, a good effort – but the price is a little ambitious at this stage of the game.

As for location, it is sat at the end of Kerferd Road Pier, walking distance from Albert Park and right on the sand with lots of outdoor decking space. Will be interesting therefore to see how this fledgling place fairs through winter.

Wooden accents throughout lend a modern beach shack kind of feel to the place, staff are friendly and there is a mix of individual and communal tables.

Coffee is from Campos, let’s hope the siphon gets put to use soon. Beers on tap are Asahi and Stella (shame). I kind of think these two things sum it up for me – high aspirations but not quite achieving them at the moment. However, definitely one to watch.

P.S. They serve ice cream too!

129A Beaconsfield Parad
Albert Park
Tel. (03) 9682 1077

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4 thoughts on “Albert Park’s Nshry (that’s ‘noshery’, apparently)

  1. I went there on Sunday and it was excellent, I recommend the mushroom omlette which is anything but playing it safe (ordering a crouque madame is ‘playing it safe’). I was impressed with the Campos coffee too, it’s a gutsy move to go with a Sydney roaster in Melbourne. They also have a great Australian bottle beer list (MG, Holgate, Murrays etc). PS The cold filter drip coffee is good as well but probably more something for the summer.

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