Red Triangle (secret snooker room…ssshhhh!)

Thought I would share a little happiness this grey Monday morning with a place we stumbled upon at the weekend: Red Triangle Snooker Room, just off Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. Climb several flights of wooden stairs in what looks like an abandoned apartment block (apart from the yoga place on the first floor) to this attic pool, snooker and billiards emporium. It’s a bit faded, fusty and dusty, but that’s all part of the charm. Vintage cinema chairs, old-school trophies and a seating area that looks like your gran’s front room – this place revels in retro without even trying.

Anyway, games aside (there is also a selection of board games and even a copy of the Guinness Book of Records for those who prefer armchair-based trivial pursuits) head here for deluxe milkshakes made with chocolate bars, milk, ice cream and lashings of chocolate sauce. Twix, Bounty, Snickers, Toblerone … you name it, these guys blend it. Served in a tall glass with a wafer they are utterly yummy and indulgent, plus the schlep up to this place kind of counters the calories. A bit. They also serve up a mean toastie – comfort food at its best. 


Red Triangle
110 Argyle Street
Tel. (03) 9419 7330


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