Broadsheet boosts the CBD’s caffeine fix

If like me you have been diligently working your way through Melbourne Coffee Review’s ode to the roast (with the iPhone app or book in hand) chances are you have found yourself on more than one occasion running across the city, ceramic travel mug in hand, on a caffeine-fuelled high in search of those acclaimed 3-beaners. Suddenly, life becomes easy as Melbourne food and drink authority Broadsheet opens its pop-up cafe tomorrow (Friday 4 March) for 11 days to coincide with the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. With six coffee operators sharing their wares: Five SensesSeven SeedsMarket Lane CoffeeDead Man EspressoProud Mary and The Premises, you can compare and contrast brews and barista skills to your heart’s content.

Arguably as exciting is the food – pastries from Fitzroy Street’s Baker D Chirico, macarons from – who else – LuxBite (usually based out of 38 Toorak Road) and sandwiches from lunchtime eatery of the moment Earl Canteen – haven’t managed to get there yet but hear the crisp-skin Otway pork belly, apple, cabbage/fennel coleslaw, and wilted silverbeet sarnie is worth every cent of its $13.50 price tag.

Open 7am-6pm, find the cafe at 24 Crossley Street



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